Research interests


My research interests have always been primarily in analysis, and are usually in and around the fields of operator algebras and operator theory.

Currently I am involved with projects on

  • Multivariable operator theory (dilation theory, matrix ranges and matrix convexity, model theory, noncommutative function theory,  noncommutative varieties)
  • Completely positive maps and semigroups (interpolation of CP maps, dilations, product systems, superprodcut systems and subproduct systems, C* and von Neumann correspondences)
  • Operator systems, non-selfadjoint operator algebras and C*-algebras (algebras of noncommutative functions, abstract dilation theory, C*-envelopes, hyperrigidity, isomorphisms)
  • Hilbert spaces and algebras of holomorphic functions (classical as well as noncommutative) and operators that act on them (RKHS, multiplier algebras) 

The main line of research I do currently is supported by the following research grants:

  1. ISF Research Grant No. 431/20 (2020 — 2024) proposal.


Here is a Research Statement, highlighting my research between 2017 and 2023.


Previous material:

Here is a Research Statement, summarizing the central themes of my research up to June 2017.

Here is a Research Report prepared for the workshop “Hilbert Modules and Complex Geometry”, in Oberwolfach, April 2014.

Previous research grants:

  1. ISF Research Grant No. 195/16 (2016 — 2020) proposal.
  2. GIF Research Grant No. 2297-2282.6/201 (2013) proposal abstract.
  3. The Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation for Technion-UWaterloo cooperation (2015 – 2016).
  4. ISF Research Grant No. 474/12 (2012 — 2016) proposal abstract.
  5. Marie-Curie CIG Grant No. 321749 (2012—2016) proposal.